Multiple Gravity Assist Interplanetary Trajectories

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Heuristic optimization methods have potential to produce useful trajectories for design purposes.

The application of Particle Swarm Optimization PSO is used to determine optimal mission trajectories from Earth to planets of interest, subject to synergetic gravity assist maneuver s in between. In order to verify the results from PSO, past missions are re-examined from a new design perspective. The trajectories designed by aid of PSO are compared to the trajectories involving the real mission dates.

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Test results are obtained for Voyager 1, Voyager 2, and Cassini. A general methodological approach to the research of flight schemes and the choice of optimal performances is developed.

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  4. Additionally, a number of interconnected methods and algorithms used at sequential stages of such development are introduced, which allow the selection of a rational multipurpose route for a space vehicle, the design of multipurpose orbits, the determination of optimal space vehicle design, and ballistic performances for carrying out the routes chosen.

    Other topics include the practical results obtained from using these methods, navigation problems, near-to-planet orbits, and an overview of proven and new flight schemes. Dynamic scheme models and methods of analysis of spacecraft. Methods and algorithms for the development of optimal.

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    Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Dimension of searching subspace increases exponentially with the number of MGA. Traditional MGA design uses heuristic based branching and pruning techniques to reduce the computational cost due to the exponentially increased searching spaces.