Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

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Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality (Paperback)

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The sequence of how the information in the book is delivered is VERY unorganized, and also often vague. Most of the pictures and diagrams are crap as well. I personally found that the terminology in the book was very confusing, and took a lot of time to straiten out in my head. Abandon the familiar 'jing qi and shen' for this book. It's now 'generative force, vitality, and spirit'.

That alone would be fine, but there are going to be a lot of different kinds of vitality, life, natures, fires, alchemical agents, lights etc. Many of which you probably don't need to know.


I could take personal responsibility and blame myself for being confused, but I do believe that it's the writing style and delivery that's more to blame. It's not impossible, and I got used to it eventually, but it was still irritating.

Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality by Lu K'uan Yu (Charles Luk) ()

In Summary, this book contains some valuable information, although not so rare as claimed within anymore , but it's delivery of the information is not that of a skilled author. I get that this is a translation of older text, but that shouldn't change my review. It is what it is, no matter when it's from. I'll reserve my 5 star reviews for books that contain valuable information, are as concise as possible, and are edited to deliver the information in a logical organized sequence.

By Sam on Jan 10, Great book. I would recommend getting some prior reading and knowledge on Taoist internal alchemy and such to help understand this a bit better. I have read a couple books on QiGong and also have read The Secret Of The Golden Flower, and even with that still, some parts of this book took a couple re-reads to fully grasp what was being discussed.

Otherwise, great read! Incorporated a bunch of this into my meditation practices. By Taylor Ellwood on Sep 26, I found this book to be an insightful read into Taoist internal alchemy, however I'd also say that anyone reading it needs to have at least a couple years experience to even begin to get the concepts discussed. What I found was that the book provided greater clarity about some of the different exercises I'd already done, but I also realized that if I didn't already have experience with those exercises, I probably wouldn't get what the author was discussing.

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It's a useful book to have for an intermediate to advanced Taoist meditation practitioner. By Monkey on Nov 13, This book really is phenomenal. You have to have a very thorough understanding of the subject, and it helps if you have cross-training in many other disciplines. Even more still, if you have experience in the advanced states of meditation -- at which point the allegories all make perfect sense, despite their obscureness. However, I did not care for the microcosmic orbit technique taught in this book.

Stopping at the heart points built up a significant amount of energy there, which caused me to be emotionally irratic and extremely irritable. After trying about 5 different versions of the microcosmic orbit, and a staggering number of variations of kriya the Indian equivalent of the MCO , I've discovered that Mantak Chia's pathway has all of the benefits, with the fewest of drawbacks. Except that I only use his path, not his instructions. The results and progress in just a short amount of time have been staggering by comparison to all of the other techniques I've tried.

Mace on May 25, It is totally polarized to the yang. It's all about "driving" that first chakra energy up the spine, forcing it back down to the tan t'ien to control an out of control organ :- It sounds very dangerous and egoistic. The ego can't force enlightenment.

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Relax and let go is my motto. Works for me! By Scott Knudsen on Sep 22, After having read lots about physical alchemy, this book brings it all into perspective and shows the reader that the immortality they seek will not be found in a lab, but through spiritual practice.

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I have been told how beneficial the microcosmic orbit is and how to do it, but this is a whole book on how to do it, and it really drives home it's importance and how it should be done. This is one book, I will be re-reading until I memorize it. A must have guide for your spiritual journey. By Shine Game on May 29, I'm fairly well caught up on the terminology in cultivation, and there were still some areas of this book that confused me. Overall it was still extremely enlightening, and it helped me realize that I may want to lean more to Zen than to form visualization.

By Amazon Customer on Oct 26, By Oleg Bilak on Mar 16, By Ccc on Apr 25, Akin on Jan 26, The concepts are advanced but easily explained by the author.

Would recommend this book to anybody serious of the work. By Dharma on Dec 17, I'm very interested in Alchemy. The information in this book is somewhat esoteric I think. Appears as though the material is directed at the male gender. I did not get much out of it. By Jiri Vaclavicek on May 27, One of the first books on the topic has its value but it is a bit outdated today. Times they are a changing By James on Dec 02, For me it was way too outdated and way too methodical. It may come across different for someone else though.

Add a Book Review. Home History. Length: 8. Product Description. Customer Book Reviews The book is a very useful guide to enlightenment. A Taoist Treasury! Excelent - highly recomended for practitioners. For the ones on the true path to self realization It's worth your effort to practice. Best meditation ever. Instruction manual to transform reality. Wonderful and authentic support text for a serious Tao Alchemy practice. Practical Cultivation. Overrated, but somewhat good. I would recommend getting some prior reading Greater clarity in Taoist practices.

A treasure trove of information. This should be called Penis Yoga. Spiritual Alchemy. Tu salud y bienestar. Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and then what would be the procedure to gain personal independence from both lucid and non-lucid dreaming?

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