The Impact of HST on European Astronomy

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HST - Telescope, Observations and Servicing Mission

Hubble's successor telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope JWST , is due to be launched in and will be far superior to Hubble for many astronomical research programs. However, the JWST will only observe in infrared, so it will not replace Hubble's ability to observe in the visible and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum. Conception, design and aims Proposals and precursors. This reference article is mainly selected from the English Wikipedia with only minor checks and changes see www.

GST and HST Rules - Simple Explanation - Part 2

See also our Disclaimer. Even before the recent news, HST operations were scheduled to end in Subsequently, NASA has announced a programme to develop a robotic servicing mission. Furthermore, FUSE has just celebrated its fifth year in orbit and will have only a further one or two years of useful life at best.

GALEX provides spectacular images such as figure 1 but does not deliver either the high-resolution imaging or spectroscopic capability that we need. Its amazing diagnostic richness, including almost all the resonance lines of all elements in all ionization stages, and covering plasmas from the coolest regimes 10— K up to the hottest 10 7 K , addresses the widest possible range of science e. Losing these capabilities will weaken astronomical research in its entirety.

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The data in blue are compared with a theoretical model in red, revealing strong absorption lines from highly ionized oxygen and silicon plus a large number of lines from iron V. Indeed, a large volume of important science can be carried out only in the far-UV or a complementary EUV waveband.

The topics that can be addressed cover all aspects of astrophysics in fields from planetary science to cosmology:. Planetary science. Interstellar and intergalactic media.

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This work can also be extended to the formation of massive stars and supernovae in external galaxies. Some of us have seen the UV astronomy problem emerging for a while and have been attempting to plan for the future.

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Current plans for WSO envision a 1. It functioned for six years and was the first UV telescope placed into a highly eccentric orbit.

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However, the changes taking place in the former Soviet Union countries reduced funding of the Russian space programme and limited progress in all space projects. As Russia emerges from its economic difficulties, the experience gained in the development of the Spectrum UV telescope is now being applied to a modified version for the much broader international scope of the WSO figure 4.

The Impact of HST on European Astronomy by F. Duccio Macchetto -

The UV spectrometer comprises three different single spectrometers figure 5. Although the primary science of the WSO mission is spectroscopic, there is an important role for high spatial resolution UV-imaging of the sky. Therefore it is planned to include a complement of UV imaging detectors in the focal plane, to provide serendipitous science during spectroscopic observations as well as planned studies of specific target areas.

The WSO project is not led by a single agency but is being implemented as a distributed project with participation and contributions from several countries. However, it is essential to have space-agency contributions to deal with quality control and management issues that may be crucial to mission success.


The Russian Federal Space Agency is taking a leading role in this area. With only two new operational, observations have had to be suspended, but the telescope will remain safely in orbit until the servicing crew arrives. The minimum mission success criterion is that HST will have 5 operational gyros after the mission, 4 of them newly installed. Replacement of the thermal insulation will continue and the telescope will be reboosted to a higher orbit. It is planned to retrieve Hubble at the end of its life around and bring it back to Earth.

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  6. Not just because of the benefit of shared cost, but mainly because of the intellectual contribution by the European astronomers, who have made such effective scientific use of HST. Open Menu. About the Release Release No. Images PR Image sm2-hst. PR Print Layout sm2-hst. Accelerated by CDN